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Paraplegic Male Sex Options

This is a subject that a lot of paraplegic males are not to quick to talk about.  So I will break the ice.  If you are lucky in your accident, then maybe still have full use and control of your sex organ.  However in most cases there is problem in the flow.  I will speak from my own experiences.  I am a T-4 complete Paraplegic.  Which means my spinal cord is cut.  So signals from the brian and other areas of the body are in some cases are completely cut off or limited.  I can’t feel my feet (unless your talking about the ‘hot tub tingle’) that is felt with spinal injury individuals.  In my case, my organ does not naturally respond when tingled.  However, before getting married to my sexy wife, my mind was tingled sometimes by sexy women that I have seen or dated and wanted to do more.  There are many options.  There is the rubber band method. You put your organ in this tube and it has a pump that sucks the air out, thereby drawing blood into your organ, causing it to enlargen, then you slide this large rubber band down to the end of your organ shaft, causing it to hold the blood in the organ.  Allowing you to utilize your organ.  The next type is the injection type.  This type can get you in trouble if over used.  (Like your organ staying ridged for hours, maybe a day:)  It is also expensive and no insurance will pay for it.  You purchase it from a local place in your city that mixes stuff for doctors, I don’t think its a CVS pick-up. 🙂  It must stay in the fridge, you must purchase syringe’s, and you inject a certain amount as instructed by your doctor into your member.  After that your good to go.  There are stimulation methods that require your using excess stimulation.  Then there is the implant method.  There are two types of implants, a pump type.  Yeap, there is a pump type, like the tennis shoe of old.  Just press down somewhere near your abdomen and your member enlarges.  I never knew how it went back down, seemed to crazy for me to inquire more.  Then there is the flexable inplant, that allows your member to become erect, and then normal again.  Both implants require surgery.   I hope this information helps.  What about having a child ?  Think you can’t if your a complete, your wrong.