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Wedding and Finding the Right Woman

Don’t think that just because you  are limited in some way, finding the right person is impossible.  My wife, I met 5 years ago.  I have been a paraplegic for over 20 years. Love and Marriage is not based totally on the physical. Communication is the most important thing between two people.  Start with being honest with yourself, and with others.   Two sets of words from two different sets of people come to mind.  Song words, “beauty is only skin deep, yeah yeah yeah”.  And “I loved you before I met you”.  We all know the type of woman or man that we would like to have.  Finding that individual is based upon the limits we place upon our own selfs.  First we have to be happy with the person that we are.  We should know and feel deep inside that we are loving, strong and self reliant, even if thats in mind, actions or thoughts.  We should never give up.  We should try to continue to pay attention to how we look act and live our daily lives.