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Happy Plans for the New Year

Sometimes when I post something here on my blog, I always hope first, that its something someone “anyone” would want to read and possibly learn.  Second, I hope for some comment, good or bad, or advise on how to do better.  This year I will try to add more photos, and more information about places we go and how to better enjoy them using your wheelchair.  This year, we are off to ride the High Speed Rail System in Taipei.  From the research I done, its wheelchair accessible .  So the first two stops in Taipei are our motel “first’ then to the MRT Station to catch the MRT, I’m thinking its like our San Diego Trolley System, and from there to the Light Rail Station to catch the High Speed train.  From there, to Taipei, which is about a 25 minute train ride, and from there back to the MRT station to take the Red line (about a ten minute ride to Shinin Night Market.  I hope you enjoy the photos as they become available.


Happy New Year !!!

Whats your plans for this year ?

Grand Canyon North Rim, “Update”

I have visited the South Rim briefly.  But the North Rim in early October, was the best and scariest camping trip I have had to date.  I consider myself a “Daredevil”, but my wife was laughing, calling me scary because I didn’t want to get “too close” to the edge. Well, yeah, didn’t want to get to close to the edge.  But the camping and experience was great!  I was surprised and pleasantly pleased that many of the trails (not a lot) , but certainly enough were accessible. I was able to use both my chair and my bike to enjoy trails and sight seeing, as well as my car.  My dog, well my wife dog, Eli, was pissed with the Ravens, not respecting his space and actually flying down in his face to eat his dog food, but hell, they were bigger than him.