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North Rim, Az

Well we have been planning our trip to the Grand Canyon next week.  Five nights on the North Rim.  Thats about 8200 feet up.  The park store closes on the 15th of October and we are dune to check in on the 16.  I have been checking the weather reports and so far we look like, nice days of high 60’s and low nights in the 30’s.  I hate the cold.  Well my bones and the joints in between hate the cold and let me know, thru my pain sensors.  But, being from the east Coast originally, I kinda like the cold aside from that.  Well i have been getting things ready for this trip for months.  the instructions are to prepare for any type of weather.  So i have stuff for the cold, for rain and even for warn days.  i will post some photos of loading up, in the coming days!