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Old Year Passing, New Year Here!

When I started this blog, I believed that there is a need for a resource for persons with disabilities or there families to utilize, when they needed to vent or ask a question.,  I still believe that.  While it seems that I have not had the crowds, I will continue posting and giving away advice, or my view of life from the chair and what can be accomplished, when we set our minds too it.  These year I have created new T-Shirts designs.  Something that will advertise the idea of doing more with our lives.  Taking a third of the proceeds, and use it to do something, picked by you, or myself that will help an individual or individuals do something enjoyable with there lives.  Be it repair a wheelchair for someone, buy a new chair, purchase some shoes for people who don’t have any.  I will let members or friends of our Facebook page   provide and decide how we can help.  Happy New Year.  The Shirts are $16.00 in colors listed on the Facebook page, with shipping included.