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Comments, I would like to hear from you.

I see that I have some new visitors looking at the blog.  Please do me a favor, make a comment, telling me what I could do better, what I should put up here that would motivate you to mention my blog to a friend or someone you know thats disabled that could benefit from some of my comments.  Thanks


Being Broke and Enjoying Your Life

I know that, the caption sounds crazy.  But you can be broke and enjoy your life.  First you have to get out of that disabled state of mind.  Even if you can’t do everything, you should feel like you can do any and everything, if you put your mind to it.  Most people who end up in wheelchairs are not lucky enough to have a lot of money.  A large number of disabled persons get Social Security and SSI.  Including myself.  We are know that, that is not enough to do much these days.  However, you can work.  Some people work from home doing virtual call center rep.  Some go to work each day.  I have done and do both.  Some hustle, I do that too.  I hustle my skills, wether its legal research, or fixing someone brakes.  Yeap, i will throw some old pillows on the ground and brake the lug nuts before I get down there and take that tire off and get those brakes done.  I will work Craigslist, getting stuff thats free and reselling it.  Or buying stuff and reselling it.  Whatever it takes.  My wife and I just came back from spending 45 days in the Philippines, where I built a house a few years ago for around $15,000 and now were working on some internet cafes.  My point is, its what you do in your mind, that determines what you do outside your body. Is your woman taking care of you, or are you taking care of her ?  So if your broke and setting around thinking that life has not thrown you a bone, so you will just dump your urine bags, drink or some some weed and just watch the days go by, your killing yourself and those around you.

Universal Studios Hollywood

If your thinking about doing something fun this summer.  Try Universal Studios.  For the paraplegic visitor, you will truly enjoy yourself.  You can basically ride everything in the park.  Try the Mummy’s Revenge, 🙂  One thing I like, is that generally they will let you ride it twice if you want.  Plus there’s that front of the line pass.  Believe me, I am not one to take advantage of my disability and in MOST cases will wait in line like everyone else.  BUT…. they won’t let you wait in those (sometimes hour and a half lines) and its hot, they will move you right to the front.  You and your whole party.  Transformers ride is really cool as well as all the shows.  There is plenty to do for the whole family and as I am a park junkie, Universal Studios ranks in my top five in Southern California.  You won’t be disappointed. 539445_3921553170085_958071002_n 168882_3921546849927_1442642137_n 317932_3921546089908_657220173_n 396872_3921530689523_1523848647_n 486450_3921541929804_1699873252_n 539679_3921532489568_1972532722_n 552559_3921551770050_1870369671_n Wheelchair tested and APPROVED !!

This is a site decated to help persons with disabilities, to encourage them to do more with there lives.  Please check it out !!


Sometimes when you write a blog and it seems that no one is reading it, that your actually writing to yourself, or in my case, myself.  So my goals.  To make some exercise videos.  To find one of those work from home, call center type jobs, to make some more money so that I can return to the Philippines and purchase the land for my second pad there.  Kinda my retirement pad.  To work on having a baby.  To build a better relationship with God.  What are your goals ?