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International Air Travel

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Travel by air can provide some concerns.  Especially since were kinda stuck in our seats for the duration of the flight.  I am traveling from LA to Manila on April 16th, of this year.  I will Youtube and try to answer all of your possible concerns.  Keep posted.  The first thing to find out is how long your flight will take.  Thats important to know before hand, because your airline might not have an isle chair that is accessible during flight.  First, what I do is try to limit my liquid intake prior to the flight.  Flights normally take at least 9-1/2 hours before your first stop.  Second, I drink a liquid that is a heavy liquid like orange juice, and I generally drink about a half a cup every two hours.  Or a cup every two hours.  When the meals come, i will drink a soda. After the first half of the trip, I will start to drink whatever I want.  Since its a long flight, half of that time, you will be trying to sleep, watch a movie or two, read a book.  Now there are times when i will use the isle chair, (if my wife is with me).  Sometime if there is not a isle chair and my wife is not with me and I check my bladder and it seems full, which has happen only once in 6 international trips.  I always put some catheters in my carry-on back pack.  I also carry an extra shirt, body spray, some of those baby soapy wash rags, that i can go into the rest room and freshen up for the next part of the trip.  Generally if your going to China, or Philippines you have a few more hours to go.  Now, don’t expect to get your chair, if you have a lay over for shorter than 2 hours.  But they now have a cool new type of chair.  its an isle chair, that they come and pick you up from your seat in the plane and when you get outside of the plane, they snap the rear wheels on to that same isle chair and your rolling.  they just started with this little chair, it was cool.  “I want one”.  Always remember, that in Japan there ADA laws are kinda close to ours, but everywhere else, your kinda on your own.  So don’t think like your in America, because your not.  So pack everything you can think of.  Remember, your a long way from home.  Any questions, leave a comment and I will reply.