Happy Plans for the New Year

Sometimes when I post something here on my blog, I always hope first, that its something someone “anyone” would want to read and possibly learn.  Second, I hope for some comment, good or bad, or advise on how to do better.  This year I will try to add more photos, and more information about places we go and how to better enjoy them using your wheelchair.  This year, we are off to ride the High Speed Rail System in Taipei.  From the research I done, its wheelchair accessible .  So the first two stops in Taipei are our motel “first’ then to the MRT Station to catch the MRT, I’m thinking its like our San Diego Trolley System, and from there to the Light Rail Station to catch the High Speed train.  From there, to Taipei, which is about a 25 minute train ride, and from there back to the MRT station to take the Red line (about a ten minute ride to Shinin Night Market.  I hope you enjoy the photos as they become available.

Happy New Year !!!

Whats your plans for this year ?

Grand Canyon North Rim, “Update”

I have visited the South Rim briefly.  But the North Rim in early October, was the best and scariest camping trip I have had to date.  I consider myself a “Daredevil”, but my wife was laughing, calling me scary because I didn’t want to get “too close” to the edge. Well, yeah, didn’t want to get to close to the edge.  But the camping and experience was great!  I was surprised and pleasantly pleased that many of the trails (not a lot) , but certainly enough were accessible. I was able to use both my chair and my bike to enjoy trails and sight seeing, as well as my car.  My dog, well my wife dog, Eli, was pissed with the Ravens, not respecting his space and actually flying down in his face to eat his dog food, but hell, they were bigger than him.

Zion National Park, quick stop off.

The North Rim was quite a drive, but worth every mile.  We stopped in Zion National Park and took a ride on road that cuts thru the mountains.  Something you must do, if you get the opportunity.  They had a few trails for wheelchairs.  About a mile or two, through some basic areas.  Where I really wanted to try to go, I didn’t have time.  My opinion, “Zion National Park”, something you must see, especially in the fall.

North Rim, Az

Well we have been planning our trip to the Grand Canyon next week.  Five nights on the North Rim.  Thats about 8200 feet up.  The park store closes on the 15th of October and we are dune to check in on the 16.  I have been checking the weather reports and so far we look like, nice days of high 60’s and low nights in the 30’s.  I hate the cold.  Well my bones and the joints in between hate the cold and let me know, thru my pain sensors.  But, being from the east Coast originally, I kinda like the cold aside from that.  Well i have been getting things ready for this trip for months.  the instructions are to prepare for any type of weather.  So i have stuff for the cold, for rain and even for warn days.  i will post some photos of loading up, in the coming days!


2017 Exciting things to try this year Summer. #1PismoBeach

Pismo Beach and Oceano Dunes seem to be one in the same.  One really nice place to visit.  We visited it once last year and the wife (who’s not a big camping person really enjoyed the place.  So much so that we made it our anniversary location for the year.


Old Year Passing, New Year Here!

When I started this blog, I believed that there is a need for a resource for persons with disabilities or there families to utilize, when they needed to vent or ask a question.,  I still believe that.  While it seems that I have not had the crowds, I will continue posting and giving away advice, or my view of life from the chair and what can be accomplished, when we set our minds too it.  These year I have created new T-Shirts designs.  Something that will advertise the idea of doing more with our lives.  Taking a third of the proceeds, and use it to do something, picked by you, or myself that will help an individual or individuals do something enjoyable with there lives.  Be it repair a wheelchair for someone, buy a new chair, purchase some shoes for people who don’t have any.  I will let members or friends of our Facebook page go-do-something.org   provide and decide how we can help.  Happy New Year.  The Shirts are $16.00 in colors listed on the Facebook page, with shipping included.


Comments, I would like to hear from you.

I see that I have some new visitors looking at the blog.  Please do me a favor, make a comment, telling me what I could do better, what I should put up here that would motivate you to mention my blog to a friend or someone you know thats disabled that could benefit from some of my comments.  Thanks

Being Broke and Enjoying Your Life

I know that, the caption sounds crazy.  But you can be broke and enjoy your life.  First you have to get out of that disabled state of mind.  Even if you can’t do everything, you should feel like you can do any and everything, if you put your mind to it.  Most people who end up in wheelchairs are not lucky enough to have a lot of money.  A large number of disabled persons get Social Security and SSI.  Including myself.  We are know that, that is not enough to do much these days.  However, you can work.  Some people work from home doing virtual call center rep.  Some go to work each day.  I have done and do both.  Some hustle, I do that too.  I hustle my skills, wether its legal research, or fixing someone brakes.  Yeap, i will throw some old pillows on the ground and brake the lug nuts before I get down there and take that tire off and get those brakes done.  I will work Craigslist, getting stuff thats free and reselling it.  Or buying stuff and reselling it.  Whatever it takes.  My wife and I just came back from spending 45 days in the Philippines, where I built a house a few years ago for around $15,000 and now were working on some internet cafes.  My point is, its what you do in your mind, that determines what you do outside your body. Is your woman taking care of you, or are you taking care of her ?  So if your broke and setting around thinking that life has not thrown you a bone, so you will just dump your urine bags, drink or some some weed and just watch the days go by, your killing yourself and those around you.